Print Accessibility

Braille training

“I thought I was too old to learn Braille, but I really enjoyed the challenge and now I can find any CD I want in my jazz collection.”
From a client who completed the Grade I Braille Course
hands reading braille

What is the aim of the training

Promotion and distribution

Communication strategies are now complex and multi-faceted, using a wide range of mediums to target the diverse needs of the audiences. It stands to reason that the accompanying promotional strategies to reach that diverse audience will also be multi-faceted.

Our print accessibility consultants can advise on promotion and distribution strategies, mirroring mainstream strategies, to reach people with a print disability effectively. We make use of our own internal channels, such as:

Braille business cards

Many organisations now include braille on their business cards to show they are conscious of the need to be inclusive of people who are blind or have low vision. This service is used regularly, particularly by all levels of government and by organisations dealing with people with disabilities.

Alternate format production

This division of Vision Australia operates as part of our social enterprise business and has done so since 1992.  Any profit derived from the production of materials is delivered back to our organisation to provide services to people who are blind or have low vision.  Our clients see the benefits of dealing with us as twofold:  firstly, we provide high quality materials on time and at a reasonable cost; secondly, by working with us they are enhancing their corporate social responsibility program.