Alternate format production

This division of Vision Australia operates as part of our social enterprise business and has done so since 1992.  Any profit derived from the production of materials is delivered back to our organisation to provide services to people who are blind or have low vision.  Our clients see the benefits of dealing with us as twofold:  firstly, we provide high quality materials on time and at a reasonable cost; secondly, by working with us they are enhancing their corporate social responsibility program.

Our services

We have the largest production capacity for alternate formats in Australia, operating out of two production facilities and providing the following capabilities -

  • high quality dedicated audio production studios, using a broadcast quality professional studio package
  • professional narrators and producers for maximum quality and consistency
  • duplication facilities which produce compact discs and a wide range of audio files suitable for the web with appropriate sampling rates
  • high volume braille mastering and embossing machinery and facilities at sites in Enfield New South Wales and Kooyong Victoria, also producing large print, electronic text and tactile graphics
  • secure facilities to produce materials requiring high levels of confidentiality
  • warehousing and distribution facilities at our Enterprises division in Victoria and Queensland.

Accessible formats

Our uniquely skilled and experienced production teams deliver large quantities of a range of alternate format materials, in accordance with national and international standards and guidelines, including

  • audio - CDA, DAISY and audio files such as mp3 files for websites
  • large print in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Round Table for the Print Disabled
  • braille
  • tactile diagrams and bold print graphics
  • electronic text.


Our audio studios boast high quality digital recording equipment, qualified and uniquely skilled audio technicians and professional narrators with a deep understanding of the needs of the audience.

We record, duplicate, pack and distribute audio material to meet our clients' needs and the needs of the users. DAISY players or DAISY software are made available to all members of our library and thus this format is often preferred by our clients.

All studio processes are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 standards and post production processes ensure a high quality professional product is produced.

Our Quality Management System is tested quarterly by our National Production Manager and audited annually by SAI Global.

Large print

Large print will assist some people with low vision.  Large print documents, at 18 point Arial, are produced in accordance with the guidelines set down by the Australian Round Table for the Print Disabled.  


There are people who are blind for whom braille is the preferred format for accessing information. For people who are deaf and blind, this is often their only means of communication.

Our transcription team, following national and international standards and using high quality embossing equipment, produces Grade 1 or 2 UEBC, 30 column (A4) or 40 column (11 inches x 11 inches) braille documents and can provide .brf files.

Tactual and bold print graphics

Tactual graphics are raised line diagrams used for the production of maps etc. They include braille legends and captions. Bold print graphics render diagrams into a format more easily used by people with low vision.

Tactual graphics often accompany braille versions of information while bold print graphics most often accompany large print versions.


We convert printed materials to electronic text for use predominantly on web sites. The structure and construction of such material is important to ensure it is accessible for people using screen reader technology and we produce Rich Text Format files, DAISY text, structured Word documents and more.