Youth Library

The Vision Australia Library has a variety of resources and services for young people who are blind, have low vision or have a print disability.

A print disability means you are blind or have low vision; you are unable to hold or manipulate books; you are unable to focus or move your eyes e.g. MS, stroke, severe arthritis; you have a perceptual disability e.g. dyslexia or a visual processing disorder.

Youth audio books

A range of titles to choose from across a range of genres. 

  • Adventure Fiction
  • Australian Fiction
  • Detective and Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Perceptive Fiction
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Sport and Recreation Fiction
  • Supernatural Fiction
  • Wit and Humour Fiction.
Full list of reading categories for children (Word, 177KB) 

Full list of young adult reading categories (Word, 171KB)

Magazines and newspapers 

A wide range of free audio magazine and newspaper subscriptions to choose from. 

  • Australian & National Geographic
  • Choice 
  • Time Australia
  • Wheels
  • The Age
  • The Herald Sun
  • The Australian
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Advertiser
  • Plus hundreds more…

Vision Australia Connect App

As a library member you can access audio books, newspapers, magazines and more via the free Vision Australia Connect App on your smart phone or tablet.


Bookshare provides students with access to thousands of fiction and non-fiction synthetic voice books in DAISY and braille formats. Vision Australia library members can access the Bookshare collection for $75AUD in the first year and $50AUD for each year after. Members of the library can download up to 100 titles a month. To join Bookshare please contact the library.

Copying or reproducing student materials

Vision Australia can copy or reproduce student materials into alternative formats like audio, braille, large print and e-text for students with a print disability. 

You must be enrolled in a primary, secondary or post-secondary education. Your educational institution must also authorise and pay Vision Australia to provide these services for you.

Copy jobs

If you need a title copied into in an alternative format like audio, braille, large print and e-text, we can do this for you if we hold the master title.

New production requests

If you need a title produced into an alternative format like audio, Braille, large print and e-text and we don’t hold a master copy we can still reproduce this for you. If we don't already have the item in the format you need, you will need to log your request with us and we will do our very best to do this for you. 

Audio formats are the quickest and cheapest to reproduce. Braille, large print and e-text formats are more expensive, complicated and time-consuming to produce. If you can provide the original material in electronic format we can do this much quicker for you. 

Online reference and research databases

As a library member you can access databases for research and student homework, as well as online magazines and journals. Please contact the library to activate your access.

Britannica Online
Online version of classic Britannica Encyclopaedia. Student and Junior versions available. 

Credo Reference
Credo gives you access to 100 ready reference books, including bilingual dictionaries. 

Australian and New Zealand Reference Centre
ANZRC provides magazines, newspapers & newswires, reference books and much more. 

Health and Wellness Resources Centre

Reliable Health information. Use the Help, Search Tips and Guided Tour links for information on how to search.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Encyclopedias and specialised reference sources for research on a wide range of topics. Check the MORE drop-down for help and guidance with this detailed database.

Popular magazine plus
A collection of popular Australian and newspapers, magazines and journals. Check the MORE dropdown for help and guidance with this detailed database.

Masterfile Premier
Includes magazines and reference books and images across a wide range of topics.

Who Else Writes Like…? : a readers guide to fiction authors
This readers guide to fiction authors lets you browse or search for authors and discover a world of fictions writers based on your favourites. Search or browse by genre, check characters and series, follow links to authors’ website and look for prize winners. 

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For more information on Vision Australia’s Library service call 1800 005 965 or contact the Library. You can also connect with our services here.