Opinion pieces

Opening doors for working dogs

22 Apr 2016
As a blind person, I have been turned away from restaurants and even airlines. Why? Because I have a seeing eye dog.

Using your ears to hear

15 Mar 2016
Imagine being able to learn information about your surroundings from sound. Similar to a system used by bats to help them find their prey in the dark, people who practice echolocation, or flash sonar, have developed an ability to use sound to help them navigate.

The getting of wisdom

29 Feb 2016
Vision loss at the age of 24 had changed the course of my life. The undergraduate degree in film and television that I had completed when I was fully sighted, was no longer of much use or interest to me.

Braille: a vital companion for any age

24 Dec 2015
Has Braille been left behind in this digital age? Have smartphones and tablets replaced this old-fashioned reading and writing tool? I, an avid and passionate braille user, am here to assure you that braille is not only just as important as it ever was, but that it has kept up with developments in technology and even enhances it.

Behind the Scenes at Carols by Candlelight

18 Dec 2015
Carols by Candlelight has been an Australian tradition for 77 years. On Christmas Eve families gather around the television, or visit the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne to watch well-known celebrities sing our favourite songs.But how much do you know about what goes on behind the scenes to put on the show?

Rethinking the cane

15 Oct 2015
This episode is a stark reminder that we blind have been using sticks as mobility aids since ancient times. It also reminds us of the fear of the loss of sight which was, and perhaps still is, prevalent in the public mind.
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