Accessible television

With the advent of talking set top boxes and audio description services, these podcasts provide an overview of some of the technology available in this area.

Talking digital set top boxes

Demonstration of the Hills talking set top box (MP3, 12MB)

In this demonstration we take you through turning the Hills talking set top box on, exploring the remote, changing channels, changing the rate of speech, accessing information about a program, and accessing the electronic program guide: all done by the talking feature in the box.

Apple TV

Demo of the Apple TV using VoiceOver (MP3, 7.7MB)

Apple TV is a neat little box that provides all sorts of access to internet viewing.

Demo of the updated Apple TV software March 2012 (MP3, 8.1MB)

In March 2012, Apple updated its interface to the Apple TV.  In this demo, we take you through the new interface which is much like the icons on the home screen on iOS devices (such as the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad).

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