Visulette and strip magnifiers

A visulette looks like a glass paper weight and is very simple to use.

Visulette on a page

A strip magnifier is like a stretched out visulette and is useful for moving down a page to systematically read test.

Strip magnifier on a page

Visulettes and strip magnifiers have a set focal distance and sit on the page. These magnifiers are only available in low magnification.

Using a visulette or strip magnifier

  1. If you have reading glasses, put them on (unless otherwise instructed).
  2. Stand the magnifier flat on the page. The print will be in focus, but if you raise the magnifier off the page the print will blur.
  3. Use natural light or a reading lamp. Position the lamp close to the magnifier so that the light shines through the magnifying lens onto the page without causing a reflection off the surface of the magnifier.
  4. Keep the magnifier flat on the page and slide it across the page to read.
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