Torches and mobility

A good torch can be a very useful mobility aid and generally handy around your home.

Torches can be useful to assist mobility in areas of low light and at night. They can be used to ‘scan’ the ground ahead for potential obstacles and changes in ground surface and depth.

Torches are used by moving the light from left to right, ahead on the path where you are about to walk.

Torches can also be used to locate key holes and locks. They are also handy for looking into cupboards and other dark areas.

Torches can vary in strength, size and weight. They can be hand held or worn on the head.

Most mobile phones have a built in torch function, which is worth trialing.

When choosing a torch:

  • test a range of torches before you purchase one
  • look at the LED (light emitting diode) torches as they are often the most effective
  • select a torch that has an adjustable head and can produce a wide or narrow, intense beam
  • pick a torch that is comfortable to hold and easy carry in your bag or pocket.

Large hardware and camping stores stock a range of torches that vary in cost from $5 to $30 plus.

If you require further advice or assistance, you can request specialist support from an Orientation and Mobility Specialist at Vision Australia.

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