Personal security

It is important to remain aware of your personal security and potential risks.

Some tips to promote personal safety:

  • choose safe, well lit routes
  • be in control of your personal belongings
  • keep left to avoid walking into others
  • walk with confidence; use positive body language that says you are okay and don't need assistance i.e. walking tall with your head held high
  • plan your route, know your surroundings, use your knowledge, know where to go for assistance
  • know how to ask for assistance or directions
  • be prepared to decline persistent offers of unwanted assistance
  • be alert and remain orientated
  • have a mobile phone, with essential numbers programed, to call for assistance easily
  • consider wearing an "I have low vision" badge.

Be alert and use common sense. Develop a personal safety plan for different situations; when you are home, when you are out and when travelling.

If you require further information or advice, you can request specialist assistance from an Orientation and Mobility Specialist from Vision Australia.

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