Using taxis

Below are strategies to assist you in hailing, travelling in and, exiting taxis.

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When ringing or hailing a taxi:

  • know the taxi company phone number you require
  • be able to dial the phone
  • know your precise destination
  • inform the company if you hold an M40 pass (special taxi voucher)
  • know where the taxi stand starts and ends (you may require orientation training for this) or identify the taxi company's distinguishing colours if hailing from the street.

When informing the driver of your destination:

  • have precise address details
  • inform the driver of the route you would like to take (you may need to check this prior to the journey).

When paying:

  • use an M40 pass (special taxi vouchers) if you have one
  • make sure you have an approximate idea of the price you normally pay so you can identify if the driver is trying to overcharge you
  • have your money organised in a way which makes it easy for you to pay
  • check your change and don't be afraid to take your time. Remember that you are a customer.

At your destination:

  • ask your driver to take you to a location that you know
  • double check with the driver that they have taken you to where you asked
  • have a family member/friend meet you if you aren't familiar with the area you are going to
  • have orientation training prior to your journey if you wish to travel independently.


From time to time, taxi drivers and companies do not provide a service that is up to the standard that they should provide to you, the customer. Each state has a taxi complaint service (contact details below), where you can report problems.

It is important to have some details about the taxi you are reporting on i.e. the taxi company, the taxi registration number, the time and place you got in and out of the taxi, if possible. The driver is required to give you their driver identification number if you ask.

To report an incident of make a complaint call:


Victorian Taxi Directorate Complaint Line
1800 638 802


Department of Transport, Taxi Complaints Hotline
1800 648 478 or 131 500


Queensland Transport, Taxi Complaints Hotline
1800 183 673


Urban Services, Transport Policy Manager
(02) 6207 6244

Remember, if you require further assistance to be able to use taxis, you can request specialist training from an Orientation and Mobility Specialist from Vision Australia.

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