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Moana's story

Moana’s Story

“Moana notices that people treat her differently. She says, ‘Mum, it’s just my eyes that don’t work, everything else about me works just fine; why do people feel they need to speak to me as if I’m a baby?’” Honi, mother to Moana, aged 12.

Moana and her sister LeilaniPlease donate today and give young people like Moana the support they need to live a life of inclusion, learning and achievement.

Moana was born with a rare genetic eye condition called Leber's Congenital Amaurosis.

Honi remembers the disbelief she felt finding out that her baby girl had severely low vision.

“I hadn’t really been exposed to many people with any form of vision loss, so it was quite overwhelming. I started wondering what that meant for her education and independence.”

It’s so important that children who are blind or have low vision have the support and educational opportunities they need to have the same chances as others.

But thankfully, Honi and her husband were able to have the support they needed to help with Moana’s development.

“Vision Australia gave Moana a vision assessment and provided workshops for parents, which was an educational opportunity for us to be informed about what was available for Moana. They were really supportive.”

Your gift will mean together we can continue to give children like Moana the support they need to develop in all areas of their life.

Moana attends School Holiday Programs run through her local Vision Australia centre, where she takes part in a range of activities alongside children with similar challenges and with the guidance of specialist staff. 

There they learn life skills such as how to safely get around using a long white cane, and daily activities like cooking and computer skills which help them build up their confidence, abilities and belief in themselves.

And being with other children with vision loss gives them the chance to talk about any problems they might be experiencing with someone who understands.

According to Honi, Moana is growing up to be independent and determined to get the most out of life.

“To me, it’s been all about access, participation in life, and independence. Vision Australia encourages that and provides the tools and life skills for her to do it”

Only through your donations can we continue to provide children with the support they need to live a life of inclusion, learning and achievement.

Your gift today can be made securely online, or by calling 1800 42 20 77. Thank you.

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