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Children's Services Appeal

Your gift will help a child with low vision say “It’s okay mum, I can do it myself thanks”, just like Emmanuel does now.

Emmanuel’s Story
Emmanuel walking with his cane
“One day Emmanuel said to me, ‘I’m different to the other kids. I’m not normal like they are, I can’t see’.” Fardos, mother to Emmanuel, aged 8.

Please donate today and give children like Emmanuel the extraordinary gift of an ‘ordinary’ childhood.

Emmanuel's family have been involved with Vision Australia since he was a tiny baby. Emmanuel is blind in his left eye and only has light and limited colour perception in his right.

We urgently need to raise $1,224,000 to cover the costs of running our Children’s Services in the coming year.

Without it, we will struggle to provide children like Emmanuel with the skills, training and equipment they need to be able to have an ‘ordinary’ childhood.

His mother, Fardos, vividly remembers the shock of learning that her son had low vision.

“I was really worried. I thought about everything – how can he play with toys, get around the house, go outside by himself and go to school? All these little everyday things, I just couldn’t see how he was going to do any of that.”

Please donate whatever you can afford to support the many children like Emmanuel and give them a chance of experiencing an ‘ordinary’ childhood.

Fardos says that the one-on-one support Emmanuel has received at Vision Australia has made a huge difference in her son’s life.

“They have taught Emmanuel everything he needs to know. The daily routine, how to use a long white cane, how to make his school lunch, how to read and write braille – all by himself.

Vision Australia are like his second family, and thanks to them, he is very independent. Now he says ‘I want to do it by myself, don’t help me’.”

Fardos is so grateful to the support her family received from Vision Australia, which she knows is only possible thanks to generous Australians.

“Any donation, however small, is really appreciated, because without these people and what they do, none of these kids could do anything.
Emmanuel has been saving money for an Xbox, and when he found out they were raising funds for children like him, he told me ‘I’m going to take the money that I’ve saved and I’m going to donate it to Vision Australia’. That’s how much Vision Australia means to him."

Only with your support can we continue to provide services to thousands of children like Emmanuel. Your gift today can be made securely online, or by calling 1800 42 20 77. Thank you kindly.

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