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Domenic's first steps towards independence

“As a parent you’d do anything for your children. Joe and I want to give Domenic the best possible start in life. We know the work we do now will make a big difference to him when he is an adult.” Jacqui, mum to 16-month-old DomenicDomenic learing to walk with his dad

Please donate this Christmas and give families like Domenic’s the support, skills and knowledge they need so their baby can develop into a happy and active child.

Mum Jacqui and Dad Joe are the very proud parents of 16-month-old twins – Chiara and Domenic.

“We found out that we were going to have twins when I was eight weeks pregnant. At 17 weeks they found a cyst on Domenic’s brain, which disappeared at 30 weeks. Scans showed his brain has developed normally so far, but as a parent you worry.

We noticed in the first few days after he was born that his eyes constantly moved very rapidly from side to side.

We began seeing a paediatrician, paediatric neurologist and an ophthalmologist. He was diagnosed with Ocular Motor Apraxia, a rare condition, which means he lacks the ability to control his eye movements.”

As you can imagine the entire family was affected.

“It was tough. We had so many hospital visits for scans and doctors’ appointments plus meeting with other specialists. We couldn’t have done it without our families, friends and Vision Australia.”

From when Domenic was tiny, early childhood teacher Tricia frequently saw the family in their home, spending time with the family to assist with his development. Domenic just sees it as playing, but we work with the family and demonstrate how through specific exercises, games and toys he can develop skills and abilities.

Please donate today – because families of babies who are vision impaired often struggle to know the best way to support their child’s development.

Children actually develop balance, posture, strength, and cognitive and physical abilities through play. Sighted children do this without thinking – they see something and reach out to grab it.

Vision Australia’s goal is to provide tailored programs to every family in need. But programs like these are expensive which is why we need your help.

Jacqui and Joe are hopeful that Domenic is going to achieve his milestones, maybe a bit more slowly and possibly in a slightly different way.

Please donate and help give more children like Domenic every chance for a bright and happy future. As Jacqui said:

“Vision Australia is fantastic! I don’t think Domenic would be where he is today without their support. They have helped us so much with his development.”

Christmas is a time for connecting with the people we love. Through your kind gift Vision Australia will be able to help more babies like Domenic and their families. Thank you.
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