The Way I See It School Program

It is our pleasure to be presenting The way I see it – an interactive school program for students of all ages.

The way I see it session aims to:

  • promote understanding and acceptance of people in the community who are blind or have low vision, and
  • promote the positive contributions that people who are blind or have low vision make to our communities.

Our volunteer presenters are people who are blind or have low vision. They visit schools to discuss with students the challenges they meet in daily life and demonstrate the creative ways that they overcome these. Our presenters also talk about adaptive technology and mobility equipment. Questions are encouraged so that the presenters are able to give the students as much information as possible. 

Our program has been specifically designed for school aged children and generally, the sessions run for approximately 45 minutes.  Request a presenter for The way I see it school program.

4 kids playing on playground equipment
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