Luna Gale (Audio Described)


Date 4 October 2018

Time 11:00 AM



Address Ensemble Theatre 78 McDougall St , Kirribilli , New South Wales

Phone (02) 9929 0644


Audio Described Thursday 4 October 11am

Audio Described Thursday 4 October 8.15pm

Audio Described Saturday 6 October 4.30pm

When experienced social worker Caroline Cox is assigned to navigate the case her professionalism is shaken by the complex family dynamics. When difficult decisions must be made will her gut instincts cloud her judgement?

 Writer Rebecca Gilman tackles the thorny issues head-on as this gripping play explores what it takes to raise a child — and whether it’s possible for someone to be completely rehabilitated. Performed by an exceptional ensemble cast, LUNA GALE is a suspenseful story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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